St Edward's Catholic First School

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RE Curriculum

Here at St Edward’s First School we, like all the other schools in the Portsmouth Diocese, use the 'God Matters' Primary Curriculum to teach RE.  The scheme is divided into ten units, which are spread across the year.  The whole school will study the same unit at the same time but they will learn different things in different year groups. The children will be taken on a learning journey in order to develop their knowledge of key scripture and explore a range of questions to deepen their understanding. 

Please see the documents below for the learning journey of each year group:

Whole school RE curriculum 

EYFS RE learning journey 

Year 1 RE learning journey 

Year 2 RE learning journey 

Year 3 RE learning journey 

Year 4 RE learning journey 

All children will be given a challenging focus question at the end of each unit in order to develop and deepen their thinking. 

Please see the document below for the overview of challenging focus questions across the school:

Whole school learning journey main questions 


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