St Edward's Catholic First School

Windsor, Berkshire

Extended Care

In this section you will find information about our Breakfast Club (7.15am - 8.30am) and our Cuckoo Club (3.15pm - 6.00pm) 

Walking Bus from Dedworth Park

A St Edward’s First School Walking bus operates each morning from Dedworth Park.

Staff are at the park from 8.25am every morning, opposite the Pirate Park.

You can drop your children with them anytime from 8.20 – 8.40am.  The staff will walk the children across the park to school in time for an 8.50am start of school.

We are not able to accommodate any bikes or scooters at this service.



Coming Up

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Goldfinches Sharing Afternoon

Friday 4 Feb at 12:00 pm

St Edward's Church 11am Mass led by Year 4 pupils

Sunday 6 Feb at 11:00 am

Kingfishers Assembly @ 9.10am

Friday 11 Feb at 9:00 am

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